Gill Hartley RCST   MET(Adv)Holistic Therapies for Mind, Body & Spirit



I’m a holistic therapist with over 16 years of training and experience.  My practice and treatments are based on the principle that the body has amazing natural healing abilities,   and that it can always find its way back to health, given the right circumstances and support.
But good health is more than just being pain free.  It’s also about feeling connected to our inner wisdom and being able to fully engage in all our relationships and what life has to offer.  During a session, the focus is always on the qualities and health that your body wants to express and how you can be who you truly are.

What  holistic  really  means

We are all made up of mind, body and spirit, and an imbalance in one automatically affects the others.  And every experience has its effect on us, especially if it’s traumatic.
By learning to connect with and tune into our bodies we can discover a great wisdom and strength, for we hold thousands of years of evolutionary knowledge within ourselves. This intelligence is something which we access and work with during a session, because when we rediscover and reconnect with this for ourselves, it can help us to have a deeper understanding of who we are, and what we want to get out of life.

The  benefits

When we’re experiencing symptoms, it can be difficult to know where they originate from.  Sometimes, we can’t identify anything specific, we may just feel a bit disconnected, or have a vague sense of not feeling quite ourselves for some reason.
Because all treatments are truly holistic, it doesn’t matter where problems originate from or what symptoms are manifesting as a result. We are always responding to our thoughts, feelings and the environment, moment to moment and every aspect of this is considered   and acknowledged.  
By using a combination of felt responses in your body and intuitive guidance, I am able to introduce whatever approach or technique would benefit you.  This allows for an amazing range of treatment flexibility, according to how and what your system is processing at any one time.
Through therapeutic, sensitive and compassionate touch, I can connect to and sense what’s happening in both your physical body and subtle energy field.  Being totally heard and unconditionally accepted can be a truly life changing experience.

Where  to  find  me

I’m based in Frimley, near Camberley, on the Surrey/Hampshire/Berkshire border, and only a few minutes’ drive from junction 4 of the M3 and Frimley Park Hospital.  I have a private therapy room and off road parking is available.

For a map of where to find me, just click here.