Gill Hartley RCST   MET(Adv)Holistic Therapies for Mind, Body & Spirit


Energy  Psychology

Ancient spiritual traditions have always understood that our life experiences and perceived reality is dependent on our thoughts and beliefs.  Scientists are now able to provide evidence of why this is so, and the new field of epigenetics is also casting light on the role that our ancestral patterns and genetic tendencies have on our cells and how they behave, with direct relevance to both our health and wellbeing.

Our  brain  programming

The first time we encounter a new situation, we respond in a certain way.  Because we subsequently survive, our subconscious considers our response was a good strategy and stores the data of our actions for use in the future, in some ways like a computer programme. 
The next time a similar situation occurs, we then have a way of responding that’s automatic and a behavioural pattern is formed.  The more this happens, the more the behaviour is reinforced, and the stronger the brain’s neural pathways become. This is an essential part of our human evolution; without it we would be overwhelmed, as every experience would be a brand new situation that we would have to re-learn how to deal with, all over again.
The problem is that the subconscious programmes and behavioural patterns can become outdated and no longer serve us as we grow and develop emotionally and spiritually.  Most of our programmes are laid down in childhood and so we subliminally pick up socially acceptable responses, beliefs and attitudes from our parents, peers and teachers, as well as from the media.  Often, this programming can get in the way of where we want to go in life and who we want to be.   
We can sometimes feel as if we’re victims of circumstance, that we don’t have a choice and there’s nothing we can do about it. But there is! 

How  does  Energy  Psychology  work?

We are able to change the way that we think and behave, and we now have the tools and understanding to be able to do just that.  The term Energy Psychology describes a new field of innovative interventions that balance, restore, and enhance our quality of life by working with our subtle energy systems.
This can be achieved during a treatment session by using the principles and teachings of therapies such as Advanced Integrative TherapyEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT),  EmoTrance™Thought Field Therapy (TFT), ThetaHealing and Reference Point Therapy (RPT).
Other influences can also be introduced, as and when appropriate, such as Ho’oponopono, the teachings of Abraham Hicks and Life Upgrade, as well as understandings and inspirations from the enlightening works of people like Gregg BradenRupert SheldrakeBruce Lipton  and  Lynne McTaggart.

A  truly  holistic  approach

We are made up of mind, body and spirit which are interlinked, and an imbalance in one will automatically affect the other levels.  So all our belief patterns have an influence on our energy body and can also manifest as physical symptoms.  By using Energy Psychology during a treatment, together with the additional support of Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki, patterns that are holding you back can be transformed.
In this way, you’ll learn new ways of looking at situations so that you feel more empowered, and be able to choose your response instead of having to be entrenched in your old way of being. You will be better aware of all the opportunities in your life and be more a master of your own destiny, free to be the person you want to be.  

If this sounds like something you’d like to experience, then just give me a ring on 01276 64935 to see what a treatment could do for you!