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Frequently  Asked  Questions

You’re qualified in so many different therapies, how do I know which one I need?

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about deciding!  I will usually use a combination of Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki all through a session, as both are so good at supporting the changes that your system needs to make to be able to come back into balance. 
By using a combination of felt responses in your body and intuitive guidance, I can then introduce whatever approach or technique I feel would be of benefit to you from the wide range of Energy Psychology therapies. This allows for an amazing range of treatment flexibility, according to how and what your system is processing at any one time.
However, if you’re not happy with this approach for any reason (for example, if you’d just like Reiki), then just let me know and we can adjust the session accordingly.

My issues are more emotional than physical.  Can I still benefit from a treatment?

The mind and the body are inextricably linked, and what’s going on emotionally will have an impact on your physical body, and vice versa.  Because all treatments are truly holistic, it doesn’t matter where problems originate from or what symptoms are manifesting as a result because every aspect is considered and acknowledged.
How many treatments will I need?

This is a really difficult question to answer, as everyone is unique and has their own life history.  Generally speaking, the longer you’ve had a problem, the more sessions will be required for your body to achieve balance; a recent issue will be able to heal more quickly than something that you may have had for years.
I usually recommend 3 sessions initially, as it may take a few treatments to assess your system’s response, and for you to notice changes in your body or recognise the way that you respond to situations is different.  We will always discuss together how you’re progressing and how you want to proceed as the next step.  It’s your body and only you know how it feels!
Will I have to take any clothes off for the treatment?

No - all treatments are done with you fully clothed. In fact, when you’re on the couch, I’ll offer to cover you with a light blanket to help you feel cosy and nurtured.  I only ask that you remove your shoes, and you may choose to take off any spectacles.  Your comfort is really important, so that you’re in the best possible place to get the most benefit from the session.
What am I likely to experience during a session?

This can vary from person to person and, as our bodies are constantly responding to our emotions and environment, no two treatments with the same person are ever the same.  What you experience will also depend on how aware you are of your body, as well as how your system processes holding patterns.
The first thing people frequently tell me is how surprised they are to feel such a deep sense of relaxation, which they often haven’t experienced in a long time.  Some report pleasant tingling sensations, or becoming aware of their breath or heartbeat.  Others describe a wave-like energy flowing through them, or of feeling movement like an internal massage as their system reorganises and rebalances.  
Sometimes sensations are unmistakable, but often they’re much more subtle or fleeting, so it may be a case of  “Did I really feel that, or did I imagine it?”.  One of the most common comments at the end of a session is a sense of feeling lighter, as though a weight has been lifted.
How might I feel afterwards?

Any relaxation experienced usually continues for several days, until the usual hectic pace of modern life starts to take its toll again.  Comments often include a sense of being whole again, like being put back together after previously feeling disconnected or disjointed.
Generally speaking, those who have regular treatment sessions are much more likely to be able to maintain their inner peace and calm during stressful times.  I have many clients who tell me that their monthly treatments are a life-saver!
Is there anything that I can do for myself between treatments?

Yes, lots!  And the more you do for yourself, the more effective your treatments will be.  This is something which we will discuss during your sessions, as any advice given is always specific to you for that particular time.
Sessions aren’t just about what I can do for you whilst you’re on the couch; they’re also about giving you the support and information so that you’re able to help yourself.  Knowing that you can change your life for the better can help give you an improved sense of empowerment rather than feeling like a victim of circumstance.  It also means that you’re not reliant on anyone else to improve your health and wellbeing, you have a toolbox of ideas and techniques that you can use as much as you like.  You can also pass on the information to others, so friends and the rest of your family can benefit, too.
Are there any age limits to receiving a treatment?
Absolutely not - the youngest baby I’ve treated was only 4 hours old, and the oldest adult 92 years!
 So you treat babies and children as well as adults?

Most certainly!  Young systems respond particularly well, as they haven’t yet managed to accumulate the many layers of limiting beliefs and social impositions that adults usually carry with them, and they’re much more in touch with how they feel at any point in time.
Craniosacral therapy is becoming much better known in this area than in the past, and is often recommended by midwives and Health Visitors for unsettled babies and those who have had a challenging delivery (both Mum & baby!). 
Older children have had treatments to help them to cope with the general stresses of school life as well as examinations.  Other sessions have been for fears or unsettling situations such as parental relationship changes, as well as for more physical problems such as glue ear/ recurrent ear infections and the general knocks and tumbles most children experience from time to time.
So how can I book a session?
The best way is to contact me by phone on 01276 64935, as I can then let you know what appointments I have available for you to choose a convenient time, and you can ask any other questions you might have.  If I'm busy with a client, please leave a name and contact number on my voicemail and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm free.  Alternatively, you can email me from the contacts page or on

Please remember that if your health concerns you at any time, you should seek advice from your GP.